Pension Plan

Regulatory and useful information about the Plan

Amendments to Pension Scheme Regulations in 2018 mean that the Trustee of the ConocoPhillips Pension Plan is legally obliged to release certain information about the Plan on a publicly available website.

From 31 July 2019, the Trustee will publish the charges and transaction cost information for the Plan’s Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) investment options annually, via the Chair’s Statement. These disclosures will also include illustrations of the compounding effect of the costs and charges.

Transaction costs result from the trading necessary to invest or switch the assets paid into a pension scheme.

Digital communication

As noted in our Plan update issued early June 2020, going forward we would like to communicate with you digitally as we see this as the most efficient way to keep you informed about matters concerning your pension under the terms of The ConocoPhillips Pension Plan. Please provide your contact details to ensure that we are able to communicate with you in a timely manner.

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